Fine Organic - Honey Process

Packing: 100gr x 30 Boxes, 200gr x 20 Boxes

Type: Roasted whole bean coffee

Ingredient: 100% Organic Robusta.

Roast level: Medium

Origin: Ham Rong Mountain – Gia Lai

Flavor: The L'amant Fine Organic – Honey Process has the aroma of dried fruit, slightly sour and natural sweet after-taste.

Production process:

- Closed-loop organic production process, in accordance with strict standards, friendly to the environment, ensuring high-quality product..

- The Honey process procedure requires only selecting red ripped coffee cherries, retaining a part of the sticky layer cover the coffee beans, which help perfecting the fermentation process, bringing back the natural sweetness to the coffee beans after roasted. Due to the semi-washed procedures, the Honey process uses less water and produce less emission, thus saving resources and friendly to the environment.

After grinding, the product is suitable for: Filter, Coffee Machine, Espresso Machine, Stove-top Pot, French Press, Drip

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