100% clean Vietnamese coffee brand with the motto : " from farm to cup " L'amant café was officially opened on August 6th at Nguyen Hue walking street, Ho Chi Minh city.

L'amant cafè is located at 12 Nguyen Hue, district 1, Ho Chi Minh city is considered to be the rendezvous for those who love this special drink.

Anyone who has fallen in love with this mesmerizing and seductive fragrance, probably desires to enjoy a cup of coffee, read the book and slow the pace of life every day. But what makes coffeeholics feel compassion for is so many different types of coffee without sources and quality.

Organic coffee is therefore appreciated by coffee devotees, not only because of its carefully and professionally preserved, but also the positive effects that cleanliness ingredients have.

If you come to L'Amant Café one weekend, you will fall away into another world - poetic, tranquility and full of love with coffee.

In the space of slow music together with magical sounds, drinking a cup of roasted coffee will help the customer's afternoon more enjoyable.

L'amant Café strictly selects ripe coffee berries for the highest quality products. Throughout processing, L'amant Café does not use any adulterants or additive in order to keep the pure, clear taste without opaque or solid color of this attractive drink.

The true and original aroma of coffee is not too strong but gentle, delicate and contemplative.

With a clean, closed loop production process "from farm to cup", together with the combination of roasting and the processing of pure coffee, L'amant Café creates an excellent fragrance, it both wakes up the taste buds and good for health. In addition, organic coffee is used for beauty treatments, relaxation and high efficiency results.

The representative of L'Amant Café said, "Very little is known about the meaning of the L'Amant brand, and we do not take the power and prosperity to be the center for development, but we choose warmth and intimacy- that is the image of love ".

Whoever has ever enjoyed a cup of L'Amant's coffee will find it hard to forget the bitter taste and passionate aroma, followed by the unforgettable sweet. L'Amant café does not bring you the furious space but the gentle tenderness.

As the name implies, L'Amant café carries in its sweet, subtle and deep taste as the whisper of the lover in the light rain.

If you love coffee, let yourself uncover and experience. Perhaps, that simple drink might become your trusted confidant everyday