Ham Rong - Gia Lai is the first place L'amant decided to choose to grant wishes for coffee beans. The plateau with 720/750 meters above sea water with Mild climate, Ham Rong has the most suitable soils for the best Robusta beans.

Since the begining, L'amant has created a breakthrough in the coffee industry by cultivating coffee with organic methods. Despite the highly-cost, low profit, L'amant determines to bring out clean and 100% pure product lines to consumers.

At L'amant farm, each of the coffee trees is cultivated and cared with speacial methods for the best quality coffee.

Coffee cherries are roasted in strict and accordance with 3 criteria: No marinated, no additives, no preservatives and packaged according to international standards.

First time launched the Showroom in Ho Chi Minh City ( L'amant cafè - 12, Nguyen Hue, HCM City ), L'amant has really impressed customers with their outstanding architecture, space and speacial taste of each type of coffee lines. L'amant wants to bring not only perfectly perfect coffee cups, clean from closed-loop system "From farm to cup" but also, to bring you the diverse culinary gout, to be a barista yourself, a perfect bartender for your own taste.